You Never Know With The Therapist

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A man has the profoundest thought. In this day and age, what if you were to meet that celeb writer and fashion model, movie producer, talk show host and all, sometime this time a year from now or maybe even sooner, and they were to hit it off. And then a year from now. Well, the rest is a fairy tale. It does happen. It happened right there on the massage therapist fort collins table. While his masseuse was still massaging his thighs.

And, belly-up, his abdomen area which he feels quite clearly needs some work. It’s another factor causing him to over-stress. High levels of stress and anxiety can lead to overeating. Overeating, for whatever unhealthy reason, could lead to high levels of stress and anxiety. And while his masseuse was still massaging his thighs, he just couldn’t stop thinking of her. Was he going mad, he wondered? But no.

These are quite lucid thoughts, as it turns out. It can happen to anyone who’s managed to punch away the stress overload. It can happen right there on the massage table. The man’s not going out of his mind. The masseuse is not hearing of it. She’s got to remain focused on her work. Almost done, just another ten minutes. Yes, it’s nothing personal, just business. She’s every bit the professional. The massage was timed to perfection at any rate, results delivered.

The man feels like a million bucks. Not that he needs it right now, plenty of time for that. Professional to a fault, qualifying papers, degrees, diplomas, and all of that. And good credentials too. The client on the table? Well, he does have that, if it’s necessary to make a presentation. No, we’re talking about the masseuse standing right there beside him.