Foods That Make Anxiety Worse

If you are one of the thousands of people in the Kirkland area suffering from anxiety, maybe it is time to take a good look at your diet. Many people do not realize the direct connection between anxiety and the foods they eat, despite the numerous studies that prove foods can trigger stress and anxiety. Change your menu, remove the foods on the list below, and enjoy improved anti-anxiety benefits.


Avoid sweets as much as possible, although an occasional treat should be okay. Sugar, except for natural sugar, can do a number on a person’s anxiety, especially if it is consumed in large quantities. Void the risks and the temptations and stick to a sugar-free diet.


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It’s pretty strange that many people reach for a beer or a shot of liquor to ease anxiety when it actually makes it worse for many people. Avoid alcohol if you suffer from anxiety and you may very well find out that you aren’t as stressed and anxious as you feel.


It seems all of the best things in life also cause anxiety. First goes the alcohol and now caffeine. Yes, this includes coffee. Anxiety sufferers get the jilt that coffee or cola provides but it comes at a cost that can make issues worse when the caffeine wears off.

Anxiety is not easy to manage alone. While removing foods can provide benefits against the symptoms of anxiety, visiting a doctor of professional treatment is best. The doctor has a variety of treatment options that suit the needs of every patient, ranging from medications to therapy. Be sure to take control over your life one step at a time and get the awesome anxiety treatment kirkland that can change your life for the better.